Artistic Photo Project

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Unicorn is the beautiful mythical creature from kind
children's books, from a fairy tale that you believe in with all your heart when you are a little girl, from fairy tales that you memorize for all your life, from the fairy tale that you dream your life to become. But how to get your life to grow such? In Eastern Europe, and in Ukraine, particularly, the dominating attitude is still that you have to profitably sell yourself. Sell your youth, your beauty, your body. More precisely, exchange these to having a status, car and own apartment by a possible partner, availability of his career growth. Thus fairy tale becomes a bit overshadowed by ruthless calculations, but this way toward a dream works too.

And just occasionally, from subconsciousness, in a night dream possibly, a breaking light of glaringly
white shining unicorn reminds of the lost serenity and the lost sincerity that you wanted to enter into this fairy tale with.

Photographs & text (c) 2016 Dmitriy Krakovich

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